What You Need to Know About DWIs in Louisiana

Know the Information About DWIs in Louisiana Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense in Louisiana. A driving while intoxicated offense in Louisiana (“DWI”),

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A DWI Charge is Not an Automatic Conviction

A DWI Charge is Not an Automatic Conviction in Louisiana Getting a DWI or DUI can be scary, but it’s important to stay calm as these charges do not guarantee

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Louisiana Boating Under the Influence Laws

Louisiana BUI Lawyer Boating is a very popular activity for people who live in Louisiana because of the state’s beautiful lakes, rivers, bayous and other waterways.  But more people are

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How Strict Are The Louisiana DUI Laws?

The Louisiana DUI Laws Every state in the country has its own DUI laws. Louisiana DUI laws are actually mild compared to DUI laws in states like Alaska. But that

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DWI Probation – Louisiana Criminal Lawyer

DWI Probation Criminal convictions may lead to you having problems getting a job, a house, and even lasting relationships because of the time served in jail and your record. Probation

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Driving on a Suspended License in Louisiana

Driving on a Suspended License It is a guarantee that your license will be suspended in Louisiana following a DUI whether or not you submit to a blood alcohol test

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