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At the Russell Law Firm, LLC, our Baton Rouge DWI defense lawyers know that a fourth-time DWI conviction in Louisiana is a felony that requires the driver to do mandatory jail time.

Because of the required imprisonment associated with a four-time DWI offense, you must partner with an East Baton Rouge Parish defense attorney who can assess the evidence against you, including breathalyzer results, blood tests, and other documentation that may identify weaknesses or potential issues with the prosecution’s case.

Our dedicated multiple DWI arrest defense lawyers can help you navigate the legal process and work towards the best possible outcome for your unique circumstances.

Fourth Offense DWI in Louisiana

What is a Fourth Offense DWI in Louisiana?

A driver with a BAC of .08% or higher is considered intoxicated and can be convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). However, drivers can still be arrested for DWI even if their BAC is below .08% if they are unable to operate a vehicle due to alcohol or drug use safely.

A fourth offense DWI is a DWI arrest within ten years of the previous three arrests, whether you were convicted in each case or not.

What are the Statutory Penalties for a First Offense DWI in Louisiana?

A fourth-offense DWI charge or “subsequent fourth offense” DWI is a felony.

The potential penalties for a fourth offense DWI charge in Louisiana include:

  • A fine of $5,000.
  • A prison sentence of a minimum of ten years to a maximum of 30 years imprisonment, with two years of the sentence being served without suspension or parole, with a few exceptions.
  • 40 days of community service.
  • Home incarceration for at least one year.
  • Up to five years of probation.
  • Driver’s license suspension up to four years.
  • Electronic monitoring.
  • Seizure of the vehicle the offender was driving.
  • Required Treatment.
  • Ignition interlock device installation.

If your offense included driving with a child under the age of 13, you may also be charged with child endangerment. Anyone whose DWI caused injuries or the death of another will face increased penalties.

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What are My Legal Options After a Fourth Offense DWI in Louisiana?

Because of the severe nature and mandatory jail time associated with a fourth offense DWI in Louisiana, you must seek legal counsel immediately after your arrest to help mitigate the penalties. Your legal options will differ from any other person arrested for driving while intoxicated and must be assessed based on your unique circumstances.

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