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When you hire Danny Russell to be your car accident lawyer, you are getting an experienced attorney who will fight on your behalf to ensure you are fully compensated if you or a loved one has been hurt in a car, motorcycle, truck, or another type of accident. If you need an auto accident attorney in Baton Rouge, trust The Russell Law Firm, LLC to defend your rights.

A Common Mistake Many Victims Make

Many victims of car accidents where the other party was at fault try to deal directly with insurance companies when making their claims for property damages and medical expenses. The problem is that people are usually unaware of the full amount that the insurance company truly owes them and end up accepting an amount far below their due.

This happened to Danny Russell as a young college student and the experience started him on his path towards the law.

Today, The Russell Law Firm, LLC team knows all the strategies insurers use to avoid compensating their clients in full. Delaying tactics are common thanks to Louisiana’s one-year statute of limitations on filing a lawsuit. This statute means once a full year has passed since the date of the accident, claimants are no longer able to sue for the money they deserve and insurance companies will have all of the leverage.

For this reason, hiring a car accident attorney right away is paramount to getting the full amount claimants are due.

While it might seem intimidating to involve a lawyer, you should know that The Russell Law Firm, LLC always has your best interests at heart. We work on a contingency fee basis so you will not be saddled with expensive attorney fees – we don’t get paid until after you have had a settlement or legal judgment. We will gladly take on the big insurance companies, making sure that they are held to the highest standard of the law pay what accident victims deserve.

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By: Danny Russell, Esq.

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