Meet Danny Russell

When you work with Danny Russell, your interests become his interests, and your struggle becomes his struggle.

Danny Russell didn’t dream of being a lawyer…he just knew he wanted to go places.

From his small hometown of Ville Platte, LA, Danny grew up seeing the world through his family’s tiny television screen, and he promised himself he would one day join the adventure.


He had no idea.

To put it simply: Danny never dressed up as a lawyer on career day. He never dreamed of courtrooms and high profile cases, law school or big cities. Maybe that’s what makes him the lawyer he is today.

In fact, Danny’s decision to practice law was born from a deeply personal experience.

Danny’s Story

During his sophomore year of college, Danny was hit head-on by another driver on his way home from work.

Though his injuries weren’t critical, they were costly, and the car he bought with months of saved wages was totaled. About a week after the incident, he was relieved to find an insurance adjustor at his front door. She gave him a check, made sure he signed on the dotted line, and left him on his doorstep.

That check was more money than he could imagine having in his hands, (and as it turned out, that’s what the insurance adjustor was banking on).

The amount he accepted from the insurance company was significantly less than what he was entitled to under the law, but he would only learn that years later. It was this experience and the grueling months afterwards, reflected upon years later, that steared Danny toward a career in law. Not childhood dreams, not money, but the desire to equip himself with the knowledge to help people in their most vulnerable times rather than take advantage of their fear, desperation, and simple lack of knowledge.

With a fierce sense of determination, Danny put himself through law school at Loyola University New Orleans.

Russell Law Firm, LLC:

Danny Russell opened the Russell Law Firm, LLC in Baton Rouge after working for the Law Offices of Frank D’Amico, Jr. in New Orleans as an attorney and law clerk. Russell Law Firm practices in the areas of personal injury, auto accidents, DWI/DUI defense, wrongful death, and family law.


  • All Louisiana District Courts
  • All Louisiana Appellate Courts
  • Louisiana Supreme Court
  • U.S. Middle District Court of Louisiana
  • U.S. Western District Court of Louisiana
  • U.S. Eastern District Court of Louisiana
  • U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit



For Danny, that’s what being a lawyer is about. It’s personal.

It’s about being a human for other humans. It’s about empathizing with your fears and frustrations and proving, through tireless work, that you are more than just another face in a sea of clients.

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