How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Help Car Wreck Victims

Contrary to common misconceptions, most car wreck victims don’t immediately seek-out a personal injury lawyer following a car wreck. Nearly all of those that I’ve represented during my legal career, initially made extensive and reasonable efforts towards resolving their claims with insurance companies; without engaging a personal injury lawyer.

In most cases, the claimant usually starts off seeking compensation for mere property damages and medical expenses, at sums substantially less than what the insurance company is liable to them for. Yet, after accepting months and years of premiums by their insureds, on promises to cover and pay-out all car accident-related damages caused by their insureds, insurance companies are usually unresponsive and ignore the claimant’s payment requests; or make low-ball offers after receiving proof of the claimant’s actual damages.

Insurance companies engage in such unfair practices, likely because they know that a claimant unlicensed to practice law in Louisiana cannot take legal action against them; and prefer to hedge their bets on the claimant not hiring a personal injury lawyer prior to the 1-year lawsuit filing deadline (“statute of limitations”), instead of paying the claimant’s damages. If a lawsuit is not filed prior to the filing deadline, the claimant forever loses all rights to compensation, and the insurance company is relieved of ever having to pay a penny.

Thus, while the claimant is unable to take legal action against the insurance companies without a personal injury lawyer, the insurance companies usually choose to ignore claimant calls and correspondence until they are served with a letter of representation bearing a law firm’s letterhead.


Facing the options of either hiring a personal injury lawyer or forever losing all rights to compensation, claimants are often left with no choice but to hire a personal injury law firm like the Russell Law Firm, LLC. Immediately upon being retained, our firm starts taking action to protect the client’s legal interests and physical health, in the following nonexclusive respects:

  • Medical Treatment: Immediately after being retained, our firm starts assisting the client with scheduling medical evaluations and treatment with the physician and medical providers of his/her choosing. If the client does not know or have any preference in medical providers, we offer options from a network of medical providers experienced in treating and documenting car accident-related injuries.
  • Medical Records & Bills: As the claimant treats, our firm continually gathers updated medical records; reviews all diagnosis and recommendations therein; and assists in scheduling and paying for any MRIs ordered and evaluations with medical specialists. We also continually gather all medical billing statements, carefully monitoring the client’s medical expenses, to prevent them from growing excessive.
  • Insurance Claims: Immediately after being hired, we take the headache of having to deal with insurance companies off of the client’s plate, by sending the insurance companies’ notice of our firm’s representation of the claimant; opening the client’s insurance claims; gathering all insurance documentation, photographs, statements, and all other materials relevant the client’s claim.
  • Settlement Demand: Once the client has reached his/her maximum medical capacity from treatment and is discharged from further treatment by medical providers, our firm prepares and sends a “demand letter” to the insurance company, detailing the client’s claims and demanding that the insurance company pay the full value of the client’s claim, as pre-authorized by the client. Some of the claims provided in the settlement demand, include those for property damages; vehicle towing, storage, and rental fees; medical and pharmaceutical expenses; loss of wages; pain and suffering; attorney fees; and other damages afforded under Louisiana law.
  • Litigation: Due to our aggressive, skilled, and experienced representation of clients, our firm settles approximately 95% of the motor vehicle accident cases we handle, without ever having to file a lawsuit. In the unlikely event of a not settling prior the 1-year filing deadline, the personal injury lawyer assigned to the client’s case (owner, Danny Russell), handles the drafting and timely filing of the client’s lawsuit; and all future ligation arising from that filing.
  • Disbursements: Once the client’s case settles or a judgment is paid by the insurance company, our firm handles the entire disbursement of all funds paid, including the payment of all outstanding medical bills and liens; and the client’s net payment. It is our firm’s policy to never take more than the client from any settlement or judgment.

Bad accidents can happen to good people; and result in devastating effects to a person’s present and future financial and physical well-being. Russell Law Firm, LLC has represented individuals from all ends of the economic, social, and political spectrum, who, despite their best efforts and resources, were being taken advantage of by the insurance companies before our firm stepped in. Despite the misrepresentations and misconceptions fostered by insurance companies against the personal injury lawyer, our firm remains fierce and steadfast in our fight against those insurance companies who seek to take advantage of those most vulnerable following a car accident.

If you or someone you know suffered injuries from a car wreck, don’t be taken advantage of by the insurance companies. They will try every tactic in the book to get out of paying you the compensation that you deserve. Make the RIGHT CALL, RIGHT NOW by calling a car accident lawyer at the Russell Law Firm, LLC at (225) 307-0088.

By: Danny Russell

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Russell Law Firm, LLC represents car accident vehicles from all areas of the State of Louisiana, such as Baton Rouge, Livingston, Gonzales, Denham Springs, Walker, Port Allen, Lafayette, Metairie, New Orleans, LaPlace, Houma, Thibodaux, Opelousas, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Ville Platte, Eunice, Shreveport, Monroe, and all other areas of the state.

Information furnished herein is only general and not a substitute for personalized legal advice. ****The photograph above is not a depiction of any actual event or scene, but merely a dramatization.

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