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If you’re looking for an oil and gas lawyer, then you’ve likely been contacted by an energy company interested in the mineral rights to your land and you may be feeling unsure regarding how to proceed. That’s natural.

All property owners think about the value of their land, but they rarely have any frame of reference regarding the potential value of natural resources that might be below its surface. An oil and gas attorney from the Russell Law Firm understands the potential value of what’s underneath a property of any size. Our job is to help our clients obtain the fair royalties and bonuses they deserve – not the low amounts energy firms prefer to pay.

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We Are on Your Side

Whether the land involved is an individual home, a farm, a large business or an industrial property, the only way for owners to be sure they are getting the true market value for their mineral rights is to retain an oil and gas attorney who specializes in oil and gas law.

The fact of the matter is that the large oil companies know their field extremely well. When they approach a landowner, they already have a very good idea of what a property’s natural resources will be worth to them as well as both a low end and high end of what they’re willing to pay for it. Our legal team’s job is to research your property so we also know it’s value, and then do whatever is necessary to ensure that you sell your rights for the right amount of money in royalties and bonuses.

The head of our gas and oil team, Brett Bajon, grew up with his father in the oil and gas business and he became what is called a landman in that field. Researching lands to determine their value was an important part of his job, but the more important part came when it was time to negotiate with landowners.

After years of working on behalf of oil companies, Brett decided to go to law school and put his inside knowledge of the oil industry to work on behalf of landowners. At the Russell Law Firm, we understand both sides of oil and gas issues, so we are able to make a fair determination of value and ensure that our clients receive every penny their land warrants.

“Do I Really Need an Oil and Gas Attorney?”

Every situation is different, but most landowners simply don’t have the geological knowledge or the understanding of the workings of oil companies to have any idea if they are getting anything close to what they rightly have coming to them. When an oil company representative presents an owner with a fourteen-page legal document full of tiny print and provides only a short oral summary of what’s in it, the owner is clearly at a major disadvantage.

People today might all be used to clicking “Agree” on a website’s lengthy and highly technical terms and conditions with barely a glance, but there is a great deal more riding on a land rights agreement than there is when we download a shopping app.

The Russell Law Firm gas and oil team is not only able to understand the full meaning and import of legal documents and present it to clients in plain English, we are also able to do our own research so that we have a better idea of just what it is owners are selling to an oil company. For owners, this can make the difference between a small sum and a truly significant amount of money.

“What can an oil and gas lawyer help with?”

Our team can come alongside you to deal with a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • Patent issues
  • Disputes over drilling depth
  • Terms regarding oil and gas leases and lease termination
  • Disagreements over acreage and mineral rights
  • Disputes between operators and landowners

At the Russell Law Firm, we know that individuals, organizations, and groups have invested a lot in their land, and it’s their right to have a share in the wealth obtained from it.

Frankly, when oil company representatives realize that landowners are representing themselves, they start to lick their chops. With our representation, however, you won’t be easy prey. We know how to ensure that both initial signing-bonuses and ongoing royalties are on par with the market because we understand that market, as well as the tricks-of-the-trade oil company representatives use to obtain rights at unfair bargain rates.

Oil and Gas Attorneys with Experience

At Russell Law Firm we’re ready to work with landowners of all types. Our clients own all types of land, including:

  • Single-family residences and portions of residential “pools”
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Gated communities
  • Residential and commercial developments
  • Farms
  • Large rural plots
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Government-owned property