What to Know About Alimony Louisiana

Spousal support, often referred to as “alimony,” are payments that a spouse commonly seeks during Louisiana divorce proceedings. Proving or disproving a spouse’s need for spousal support and the other spouse’s ability to pay it, are complicated legal issues that should be left to experienced family law attorneys to handle.

What Does Alimony Mean in Louisiana?

When a couple decides to divorce, one of the first questions discussed is often whether or not one spouse should pay alimony (“spousal support”) to the other. Judges in Louisiana can award two types of spousal support: interim support and final periodic spousal support. Each has individual requirements.

Interim Spousal Support

Interim support is spousal support that one spouse pays to the other during the divorce process. It is meant to maintain the standard of living that the claimant spouse enjoyed prior to separation and terminates 180 days from the rendition of a judgment of divorce, unless the payee spouse shows good cause for its extension.

Final Alimony or Periodic Spousal Support

Final periodic spousal support is the final amount awarded by the court to the claimant spouse, if and only if the claimant spouse is free from fault in the break-up of the marriage.

Final spousal support is terminated upon the remarriage of the payee, the death of either party, or a judicial determination that the payee has cohabited with another person of either sex in the manner of married persons. Further, the final spousal awarded may not 1/3 of the payor’s net income.

Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Baton Rouge

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