$1,400,000 in Recoveries for Trucking Accident Claims

Russell Law Firm, LLC successfully attained $1,400,000 worth in recoveries for its client, in connection with a trucking accident.

Since the weight of most tractor trailers is upward of 80,000 pounds, when a tractor trailer that heavy impacts a smaller passenger vehicle during a truck accident, the force of impact against the smaller vehicle usually inflicts horrific damages, injuries, and death to occupants. According to the most recent data reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, approximately 499,000 truck accidents occurred during 2018 in the U.S., resulting in 4,415 fatalities and 107,000 people sustaining severe injuries.

The lawyers of Russell Law Firm, LLC have extensive experience in truck accident and wrongful death cases in Louisiana.

Truck Accident Investigations.

Truck accident cases can be extremely complex. They are very different from auto-accident injury cases. Tractor-trailer trucks, motor carriers, and their drivers are subject to a wide range of government rules and regulations. Proper investigation routinely involves consulting with regulatory experts and engineers or law enforcement professionals who specialize in forensic investigation and reconstruction of crashes.

It is critically important that any lawyer handling a tractor-trailer case know the technical regulations and have extensive experience in these cases. The trucking accident attorney must also treat the case with urgency; taking immediate steps to preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and document the accident scene.

Russell Law Firm, LLC has the skills and dedication needed to achieve successful results in truck accident and wrongful death cases. We have won many major victories and monetary compensation for clients by knowing how to investigate and obtain evidence of wrongdoing by trucking companies and drivers.

Handling Large Insurance Companies.

Insurance companies have a single objective, which is to pay out as little as possible to injured claimants. Usually, the moment after a truck accident is reported, the trucking company’s insurance carrier dispatches its team of lawyers and adjusters who immediately begin taking all steps necessary to protect the insurance company’s interests (not yours!). They try to make things overly difficult on claimants, by taking full advantage of the claimant’s lack of knowledge of the laws and the insurance policy.

Before paying a penny, the insurance adjuster usually requires the claimant to sign various legal documents, including a “release” in which the claimant is agreeing to release the trucking company, truck driver, and their insurance company from all liability for paying the injured claimant’s losses and damages. The insurance adjuster also usually requires the claimant to give a “recorded” statement to the insurance company, hoping that the claimant will be recorded saying something that the insurance company can later use to deny his/her claim.

The truck accident attorneys at the Russell Law Firm, LLC know the tricks, gimmicks, and lies of the insurance companies; and we know how to fight the insurance companies in protection of your legal interests.

Russell Law Firm, LLC has extensive truck accident experience and a team of skilled attorneys who can learn all the relevant facts and prepare them to be maximally effective for their clients in court. Russell Law Firm, LLC also has the reputation as a fierce advocate that can quickly bring defendants like big insurance companies to the settlement table.

The lawyers of Russell Law Firm, LLC prepare all their cases to go to trial, alerting insurance companies and corporate defendants that we won’t settle for anything less than full justice for our clients; and that our clients are represented by skilled and experienced trial lawyers with all the necessary legal resources to win jury judgments.

Truck Accident Attorneys on Your Side.

The Russell Law Firm, LLC’s truck accident lawyers work relentlessly to obtain justice for victims of truck accidents caused by another driver’s negligence. We serve victims of truck accidents throughout Louisiana.

If you or someone you know has been injured or loss a loved one due to a truck accident, make the Right call, Right now, by calling the Russell Law Firm, LLC to find out why we’re recognized as one of the “Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Baton Rouge.” We are available 24/7 at (225) 307-0088. We work on a contingency fee basis, so we will not charge any legal fees unless we obtain a recovery for you.

By: Danny Russell, Baton Rouge area personal injury attorney, licensed in Louisiana and admitted in the following courts:

  • All Louisiana District Courts
  • All Louisiana Appellate Courts
  • Louisiana Supreme Court
  • Middle District Court of Louisiana
  • Western District Court of Louisiana
  • Eastern District Court of Louisiana
  • Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

By: Danny Russell, Esq.

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