Child Custody

You don’t need us to tell you that determining child custody is an incredibly emotional and stressful ordeal. Not knowing whether the person or people you care for most will be in your home for the foreseeable future is difficult for all of us.

Hiring a trusted family law attorney can help you to focus on matters outside of the courtroom while your counsel works hard to preserve you and your children’s future together.

What Do Family Law Attornies Handle?

There are three areas that a family law attorney takes care of on your behalf:

  • Custody
  • Visitation rights
  • Child support

Custody and Visitation Rights

Determining custody is typically the most important of these three areas for clients. In cases where both parties offer safe, loving homes, split custody may be the best solution for children and parents. However, there are many cases where split custody is not ideal, and establishing visitation rights may be preferable; most notably, when the opposing side may not offer a completely safe environment.

A good family law attorney will work with you to determine the best possible outcome in your family’s situation, and then they will everything possible to make that outcome happen under the law.

Child Support

Money is one of the most frequent subjects of marital discord and it’s often even more true during a divorce proceeding. We understand the vital importance of this area for our clients and their children and we will work hard to protect the rights of our clients and ensure an arrangement that is fair and beneficial.

Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Baton Rouge

If you need a family law attorney in Baton Rouge, the Russell Law Firm, LLC can help. Visit our contact page or call the number on your screen.

By: Danny Russell, Esq.

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