Five Ways to Avoid 18-Wheeler Blind Spot Accidents

Blind spots are areas around a vehicle that a driver is unable to see by looking at the rear view or side mirrors. Because of the massive size of 18-wheelers and other big commercial trucks, they have many blind spots. For instance, 18-wheelers have a blind spot at the front-end of the truck, on both sides; just below and behind the driver-side window; and directly behind the truck. Additionally, most motorist are unaware that 18-wheelers have blind spots throughout the entire right side of the truck, from the cab to the end of the trailer. That is why it is critically important to avoid passing an 18-wheeler on the right side, even during slow traffic. When changing lanes in either direction, truck drivers are required to “head check.” That involves taking their eyes off of the road for a second or two, to check if another vehicle is obstructing his or her turn.  As our country’s highway systems expand, more lanes are added, making them more and more dangerous to motorists while changing lanes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 840,000 blind spot accidents occur each year. It is important to know how to reduce the chances of being involved in a blind spot accident. Here are 5 Ways to Avoid Blind Spots of 18-Wheelers:

  1. Stay Away from Blind Spots: Beginning with the most obvious, stay away from the truck’s blind spots: front-end of the truck on either side; just below or behind the driver-side window; and its entire right side.
  2. Do NOT Tailgate: 18-wheelers have blind spots directly behind them and tend to have bumpers that ride high off the ground, which could collide with your windshield if you rear end them. Generally speaking, you should allow a 4-second following distance while traveling behind an 8-wheeler (approx. 20 car lengths).
  3. Drive Slow: Large semi-trucks can not respond very quickly when it drives upon an obstacle, so the more time that you give them to react by not speeding, the safer it is for you.
  4. Mirror Image: Always look for the driver’s face in the mirror before attempting to pass; and
  5. Stay Alert to the Truck’s Signals: Trucks make wide turns at intersections (especially right turns) and require additional lanes to maneuver, so you need to be alert of its turn signals so that you don’t get trapped in its path.

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By: Danny Russell, Esq.

Information furnished herein is only general and not a substitute for personalized legal advice. ****The photograph above is not a depiction of any actual event or scene, but merely a dramatization.

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