1. Remain at the Scene: You should remain at the scene until it is appropriate to do so. If you leave, you may face criminal charges for “hit-and-run” or other penalties, especially if someone sustained injuries or was killed.
  2. Check Everyone Involved: Make sure everyone involved in the accident is okay. If you are someone else has been injured call 911 or a local emergency medical service (EMS). If someone is unconscious or is in pain, do not move them unless an imminent emergency or hazard requires doing so.
  3. Assess Property Damage:Assess and take pictures of all property damage to all vehicles involved in the crash.
  4. Speak to Witnesses:Ask all witnesses what he/she saw, then get their names and contact information.
  5. Call the Police:Call the local or state police if physical or property damage has been sustained. Upon arrival, obtain the name and badge number of the responding officer. Also, request an incident number and ask that a police report be filed.
  6. Exchange Information: Get the names, phone numbers, email address, physical and mailing addresses, drivers’ license numbers, license plate numbers, insurance information, and make and model of the vehicles from all drivers and passengers involved in the automobile crash. In talking to the other drivers, try to be cordial and cooperative.
  7. Consult an Attorney:Once you have been allowed to leave the scene and/or have sought medical attention, it is best to consult with an experience attorney. The attorney will inform you of your rights and will relieve you of dealing with insurance companies. The attorney will also help you maximize your recovery if you have suffered damages.

By: Danny Russell, Baton Rouge area personal injury attorney, licensed in Louisiana.

Danny Russell is a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer who has experience dealing with the insurance companies and making sure that you are receiving the proper medical treatment so that you can get back on your feet and maximize your recovery. If you have been involved in a car accident in Baton Rouge or anywhere else in Louisiana, contact a car accident attorney at the Russell Law Firm, LLC in Baton Rouge.

By: Danny Russell, Esq.

Information furnished herein is only general and not a substitute for personalized legal advice. ****The photograph above is not a depiction of any actual event or scene, but merely a dramatization.

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