Paperless & Personalized “Online” Legal Services Since Day 1 in Louisiana

Personal interaction with clients is a top priority at the Russell Law Firm, LLC. However, in addition to face-to-face, “in-person” services, our law firm provides clients with personalized “online” legal services and access.

When I made the decision to open my firm, I understood the importance of immediate access to legal services. I also understood the difficulties most people have in finding the time or ability to travel to a law office for every matter, whether due to everyday circumstances such as work schedules, distance, and transportation; or due to extraordinary circumstances such as the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. Therefore, since Day 1, my firm has provided personalized, “online” client access and legal services through a variety of ways, including:

  • Online Portal/Case File: Immediately after opening a case file with our firm, our client is sent an encrypted link, giving them 24/7 access to their entire case file. They are able view, upload, and download all case documents; view case calendars and deadlines; send online messages to firm attorneys and staff; schedule meetings; view invoices; make online payments and deposits; confirm case statuses; and view other important case details.
  • Paperless Document Review & Signing: Clients can quickly and easily receive, execute, and submit all contracts, releases, and other necessary legal documents.
  • Online Payment Arrangements: Clients may make payment arrangements according to their work pay-day schedules (e.g. bi-weekly, weekly, monthly) and have the option to set up automatic payments.
  • Online Invoicing, Payments. & Deposits: Clients can make online payments and trust deposits using any computer or smart device (g. smart phones), by simply accessing their invoices though the online case file app or clicking an encrypted link sent via email or text.
  • Schedule Meeting & Telephone Calls: Clients may schedule face-to-face or virtual meetings or telephone calls with an attorney or other firm staff member.
  • Virtual Online Meetings: Our firm has the capability to host or attend virtual, online face-to-face meetings with clients, regardless of their global locations.

Immediate access to legal services are critical for maintaining livelihood, relationships, and future goals and success. Do not hesitate to contact the Russell Law Firm, LLC at (225) 307-0088. We can provide fast, affordable, and personal legal access and services to you, regardless of your inability to meet in-person.

Russell Law Firm, LLC offers a variety of legal services, throughout the State of Louisiana, in areas such as:

  • Personal Injury (g. automobile accidents; workplace injuries, brain injuries, 18-wheeler accidents, Uber accidents, Lyft accidents, & motor-cycle accidents)
  • DWI/DUI Defense
  • Family Law (divorce, child/spousal support, child custody, etc.)
  • Wrongful Death & Survival Action Claims & Litigation
  • Oil & Gas Law
  • Wills/Testament Drafting & Execution
  • Expungements
  • Business Formation

Danny Russell, admitted to practice in:

  • All Louisiana District Courts
  • All Louisiana Appellate Courts
  • Louisiana Supreme Court
  • S. Middle District Court of Louisiana
  • S. Western District Court of Louisiana
  • S. Eastern District Court of Louisiana
  • S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

By: Danny Russell, Esq.

Information furnished herein is only general and not a substitute for personalized legal advice. ****The photograph above is not a depiction of any actual event or scene, but merely a dramatization.

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