Common Causes of Distracted Driving Vehicle Accidents

Operating a motor vehicle requires a driver’s full and undivided attention. Drivers injure other motorists across Louisiana and the U.S. by taking their eyes of the road to use their

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$650,000 Recovery for Rear-end Collision Victim

Russell Law Firm recently attained a $650,000 recovery for a client, in connection with a rear-end collision. Baton Rouge Personal Injury Lawyer Experienced in Rear-end Collisions “Fender-benders” are usually what

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How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Help Car Wreck Victims

How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Help Car Wreck Victims Contrary to common misconceptions, most car wreck victims don’t immediately seek-out a personal injury lawyer following a car wreck. Nearly all of those

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Baton Rouge Car Accident Lawyer – Make the Right, Call Right Now!

Baton Rouge Car Accident Lawyer   [caption id="attachment_382" align="alignright" width="300"] Baton Rouge Car Accident Lawyer, Danny Russell[/caption] Danny Russell is a trusted and aggressive Baton Rouge car accident lawyer, representing

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