Kylie Miller

Sometimes it takes a special event or moment of realization to first become inspired to take that initial step towards your true passion. Kylie Miller initially became interested in the law when she began to take Political Science courses in college while studying as a pre-med freshman. She made the change and turned her path towards becoming a lawyer. During her second year of Law school, she began working as a clerk with Russell Law Firm, where she was exposed to a court case involving a greedy large corporation choosing money over the important lives of people. This case drove her passion for justice, and she realized her life mission to improve the lives of others while protecting the innocent.

At Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Kylie majored in Accounting with a minor in Political Science, which gave her a well-rounded start when she started the Paul M. Hebert Law Center. It was here that she studied family law, bankruptcy matters and her favorite– successions work. When asked about who had the biggest and most positive influence on her, Kylie reflected on her grandmother’s difficult experiences when growing up and starting a family. It is her grandmother’s perseverance and demonstration of true grit that continues to inspire Kylie to adopt that same strong sense of resilience and hard work. In addition, her grandparents on her father’s side continuously serve as a beautiful example of unconditional love as they live a harmonious life having raised children and showing their care for each other.

Kylie Miller now practices at the Russell Law Firm, LLC, where she served as a clerk during her early law school years. When she is away from work, she enjoys refining her baking skills and spending quality time with friends and family. Very recently, she even volunteered (and succeeded) in creating a four-tier wedding cake for a friend who had experienced scheduling issues with the baker! She also loves spending her Saturdays crabbing at the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, and loving on her two fox-red Labrador Retrievers named Scarlett and Red. Even when Kylie is away from the office, she finds herself researching and studying to expand her expertise and knowledge so she may continue to serve the best interests of her clients and the community around her.