I was involved in an accident in October 2017, and then another in May 2018. I was asking around for possible attorneys, and people gave me several suggestions but none felt “right.” So I asked a friend if she knew of anyone and she suggested Danny. The best suggestion! Danny and Michelle have been there for me, working attentively to my cases and getting me max dollars. For the October accident, we settled a few hundred less than the policy’s limits. Statistically, accidents such as mine are given less than half of what we settled for. Danny works hard and is trustworthy. I have been suggesting him to others involved in MVAs and want to suggest him to you! If you have other legal issues that aren’t MVAs, there are other amazing attorneys at Russell Law who are ready to assist you!

Kayla H.

My husband and I were rear ended in a car wreck in 2016. We hired Danny to handle our case. In December 2016, Danny settled both of our cases for $100,000 each – which was policy limits. I’ve heard of people waiting years to settle cases for way less, so I was surprised when we had checks for the full amount in less than 6 months. When my husband was rear ended again this past spring, we hired Danny, and he settled his case for $115,000 in 3 months – policy limits again! Man, this guy is so good! Don’t waste your time with any other lawyers.

Ashley J.

It was a positive experience working with Danny and the Russell Law Firm on my case. They were there to help me every step of the way. After my car accident, I didn’t even know where to begin. Dealing with insurance companies can be nerve wracking, and an injury on top of it was overwhelming. Danny was in constant communication with me. His attention to the case allowed me to recover and get back to work quicker. I would absolutely recommend Danny Russell to handle your personal injury case.

Angela H.Motor Vehicle Accident

About a year ago I was in a car wreck, my very first, and I was not at fault. Unfortunately, though the situation turned on me after my lawyer at Morris Bart turned down my case during my treatment for body injuries. I was told that I did not have insurance, which left me on my own with injuries that continued to have me in pain.

That was until my friend told me about a friendly and passionate friend she’s known a long time; Danny Russell. He was a godsend and he really and truly felt for my situation. It’s not only that he’s sympathetic, but also empathic to understand what it is like to be in a situation like myself. He’s inspired to really fight for you, and really look into policies that you could not understand. When he says he can do something, you better believe it. Because while I lost hope, Danny found it.

Thank you so much. Both you and your wife and staff are extremely thoughtful. Thank you for the birthday/holiday cards, and for the gift basket. That was a sweet touch to the entire experience. I feel like family. I promise not to be a stranger, we are way past that. 🙂


I’ve always been very intimidated at the idea of contacting a lawyer because law is very difficult to understand and interpret. Danny is a life saver; he’s so easy to talk to, and he makes anyone feel like a friend, not just a client. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of completely, and he takes the time to explain the process every step of the way so that you are not confused. I recently got into a little fender-bender, and after contacting the police, I called him. He walked me through the process of collecting information, what to say and not say at the scene, and how to proceed from that point. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and there was no damage, but I felt very comfortable and safe knowing that I didn’t have to understand every part of the law in order to be taken care of.

Massie Bergeron

This law firm has helped my family immensely to see my future step son more often. I can not be more thankful for Danny and his entire staff. They have changed my life for the better. So thank you Danny Russell and staff for all of the great work and helpful and efficient staff. You are greatly appreciated.

Kayla CambreManager